Dude time

I think this is like the girly version of teenage mutant ninja turtles. #prouddaddy


This February is so satisfying to look at.

Christmas 2014 - McMath Christmas 2014 http://cameo.tv/c/YOUsPGFt

The aftermath

My little ham

Girl loves her donuts. #unclebradleygotcropped

Already a helper!


How I almost signed over my entire life to Applebee's for a gift card of an indeterminate amount.

Also their last tweet. Who do they think I am? I went to COLLEGE.

Father’s Day (belated) Braves games with my dad. Minus one brother, plus two cousins!

Pool time fun!

New do

Mmmmm Bruster’s

I think those are a little big

Trying on daddy’s shoes

Having fun on Father’s Day at the Yellow River Game Ranch!

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