My little ham

Girl loves her donuts. #unclebradleygotcropped

Already a helper!


How I almost signed over my entire life to Applebee's for a gift card of an indeterminate amount.

Also their last tweet. Who do they think I am? I went to COLLEGE.

Father’s Day (belated) Braves games with my dad. Minus one brother, plus two cousins!

Pool time fun!

New do

Mmmmm Bruster’s

I think those are a little big

Trying on daddy’s shoes

Having fun on Father’s Day at the Yellow River Game Ranch!

The face off

"After lunch Maddie and I went upstairs and I had thought we would sit and read or something. When we got to the play room I sat down with a book and she said "no seat" and patted on the office chair and made a face. To see what she was going to do I got up and sat in the chair and watched her. She took her baby doll and sat down next to the books and one after another she pulled them off the shelf and flipped through them. I didn’t think to get a video til now so a picture will have to do. You all have such a sweet girl and I enjoy every day with her. Thank you"


Ready for summer

Helping Daddy at work

It took me just shy of 6 hours to get home last Tuesday. Lots of ice (not snow) combined with bad drivers all trying to get home at the same time lead to crazy times here in Atlanta. I was thankful to be able to drive to within a half a mile of our home and walk the rest. Mary and our neighbor (seen above) were coming home about the same time and they abandoned their cars in a neighborhood near ours and walked as well. We are very thankful to not have had to spend the night in our cars or had them wrecked like so many other folks.

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